I would like to welcome all of you to nicholascipollo.com, a site where I hope to follow my passion of writing, history, and politics. Over the last few years people have recommended that I start a blog or website to share my views on current events or to continue my passion of writing and researching history. Although this could simply be a repository of my work, I want it to become much more than that. My goal is to not only write what I want to write, but to share it with others and to build a community based on these common interests.

Over the coming weeks and months I wish to share with you stories of our history, whether it be recent in the United States or taking place many thousands of years ago in Egypt or Rome. In addition to that I will add my ongoing commentary on current events, as we live in one of the most exciting and important periods in human history. As an aspiring historian I will also recommend to you books, documentaries, podcasts, and other media to other aspiring historians who might enjoy such things. Although this is just a tiny corner of the vast internet, this is a corner I hope to make my own and for people who are like-minded or otherwise.

Thank you and happy reading!


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