The Joy of Stamp Collecting

Stamp collecting is a hobby that has existed for generations, going back to the mid-1800s just a few decades after the first postage stamps were produced. Also called philately, which is specifically the study of stamps and postal history, this hobby is among the most fulfilling and fascinating ones that are still somewhat common. Although … Continue reading The Joy of Stamp Collecting


2018 Annual Book Review

Over this last year, I have had the privilege to read countless books as part of my academic studies as well as for personal pleasure, and with the year coming to an end, I feel it is necessary to review many of the most important books I have read. These books range through a variety … Continue reading 2018 Annual Book Review

2019 Resolution: No Cable News

Over the past few years—as is customary—the start of a new year often marked the beginning of a promise to one’s self to change something in their life to improve it. These resolutions often involve personal goals meant to test oneself, to lose weight and exercise, spend less time on a smartphone, make new friends, … Continue reading 2019 Resolution: No Cable News